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To complement and enhance the healing processes
of your mind body system with spinal adjustments

Spine & Posture

Posture & spinal screenings can reveal important health information, unlocking door to optimum health & well-being

Nutritional Counseling

We can provide specific recommendations on nutrition & healthy food choices to enhance journey to optimal health

Capital Health Chiropractic


Located in Suitland Maryland, Capital Health Chiropractic is dedicated to helping you create and achieve your wellness objectives. Combining chiropractic and wellness knowledge and expertise Dr. Mirza is committed to helping you obtain optimal health and quality of life. By teaching and practicing the principles of chiropractic and wellness care.


We specialize in providing Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Massage to help heal your pain naturally, without drugs or surgery.


People seeking treatment and knowledge at Capital Health Chiropractic are assured of receiving genuine caring and a thorough quality of chiropractic care. I can help change your life.


Why Choose Us?


We have over a decade of experience, we offer same day appointments including free consultations and Superior patient care. We work with other physicians and set up referrals.



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What We Treat
Treatments of Herniated slipped discs
Disc Degeneration
Neck Pain/Stiffness
Body Wellness
Carpal Tunnel
Gentle Adjustments
Sports Medicine
Arthritis therapy
Leg Pain
Postural Screening
Low Energy
Nutritional Counseling
Restless Sleep


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