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Health Tips - Frequently Updated


Capital Health Chiropractic is also dedicated to improve this website by making it more educational and accessible to everyone. We intend to give you knowledge and awareness to help you understand your physical health and decide when to contact an experienced chiropractor.


Please take your time to read through some of the helpful material given below and should you have any questions or suggestions, please give us a phone call or email us. We respond to all emails within 24 hours.


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Mental Attitude:

No Substitute for Good Parenting.

An increase in hours spent watching TV by children ages 1-3 years old was associated with an increased risk of developing problems with attention span by age 7. "Contrary to parents' perceptions that TV viewing (educational programs) is beneficial to brain development, we found no evidence of cognitive benefit from TV during the first two years of life."

Pediatrics, 2008


What are the signs and symptoms of poorly managed stress?

Excess stress manifests in a variety of emotional, behavioral, and physical symptoms. Common physical symptoms include: sleep disturbance, muscle tension, headache, gastrointestinal disturbance, and fatigue. Emotional and behavioral symptoms include: nervousness, anxiety, a change in eating habits, overeating, a loss of energy and mood changes. Other signs: excessive use of alcohol and drugs, cigarette smoking, and poor nutritional choices. These unhealthy behaviors can increase the severity of symptoms related to stress, often leading to a "vicious cycle" of symptoms and unhealthy behaviors. The perception of what is overwhelming stress will vary from person to person. Likewise, the symptoms and signs of poorly managed stress will also differ.

Peter J. Panzarino Jr., MD, FAPA


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Don't Run Short On Vitamin D.

Low blood levels of vitamin D are associated with a 26% increased risk of death from any cause. It may also help prevent type-2 diabetes. Good food sources of vitamin D include salmon, cod liver oil, fortified milk.

Johns Hopkins University


The Sunny Side of Eggs.

Despite decades of advice that the cholesterol in eggs is bad, researchers now report eating eggs may actually reduce high blood pressure. Scientists found egg proteins that, in laboratory simulations of the human digestive process, seem to be as good as common prescription medications for lowering blood pressure.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Feb 2009.



Exercise Could Slow Aging!

On a molecular level, physically active people have younger looking cells than less active people. Exercise appears to slow the shriveling of the protective tips on bundles of genes inside cells, perhaps slowing frailty. "The data suggests exercising may protect the body against aging," Tim Spector, of King's College in London. Here’s how: Structures known as telomeres inside cells were examined. They analyzed the telomeres from white blood cells collected from 2,401 twins seeing whether there was a relationship between the subjects' telomere length and how much exercise they got in their spare time over a 10-year period. Telomeres cap the ends of chromosomes. Every time a cell divides, the telomeres get shorter. When the telomeres get too short, the cell can no longer divide. It is believed that aging occurs as more cells reach the end of their telomeres and die -- muscles weaken, skin wrinkles, eyesight and hearing fade, organs fail, and thinking clouds. Previous research shows being active reduces risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases, potentially extending longevity.

Archives of Internal Medicine, Jan 2008


Children and TV.

Sustained TV viewing (two or more hours per day from ages 30-33 months to 5.5 years) was associated with poor behavioral and social skills compared to children who watched less. Also, having a TV in the child's bedroom contributed to sleep problems and emotional issues at 5.5 years of age (41% of children had TV in their room at age 5.5). The good news, the study found heavy exposure in early childhood did not have enduring consequences if viewing habits were adjusted.

Pediatrics, 2007


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Pain Analogy

Many patients stop going to their chiropractor once their pain is gone. Something to consider: Is your body healthy when it is pain free? If you broke your leg, and it didn't hurt in 10 days would you take the cast off?

Archives of Internal Medicine, Jan 2008


Heavy Head.

The average head weighs 10-12lbs. Pick up a 10lb weight and hold it away from your body. Your muscles quickly fatigue. Remember you hold your head up all day long, not just a few minutes. This is why your neck can be sore at the end of the day.

Marcus Strutz, DC


Wellness / Prevention:

Dangerous Ingredients In Our Food!

Here are just a few of the 3,000 chemicals that are added to our foods: MSG (monosodium glutamate) artificial sweeteners, saccharin, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, artificial colors or FD&C colors, nitrates and nitrites, BHA and BHT, and caffeine.

Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


Warning Against Excessive Breads, Bagels and Croissants.

Most commercial breads are made with enriched wheat, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and refined sweeteners, such as high-fructose corn syrup. None of these ingredients should be consumed in excess. Unfortunately, the American diet is riddled with them.

Joseph Mercola, MD


Health Alert:

Hurting Our Children?

Errors occur in hospitalized children much more frequently than previously thought. Researchers say about 11 of every 100 hospitalized children suffer a harmful drug-related side-effect. The previous estimation was two per 100. If you rely on hospital staffers to report such incidents, you will miss 96% of them!

Pediatrics, April 2007


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